Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day.  Into it? or Hate it?  Most of us have an opinion.  Regardless, I do love to celebrate the color pink.  And, not because I am a girly-girl - I am not, really. But, pink is often the most overlooked color in the pastel palette.  A lot of clients are afraid to decorate anything other than a girl's bedroom or nursery in pink.  

There are many ways to incorporate pink, however, that do not require over-taking the room.  I have often lined lampshades with a shell pink silk to give a warm glow to a room in the evening (they used to sell pink lightbulbs, but no longer (if you find a pink LED bulb, do let me know)).  

If there is a touch of pink in the pattern of a fabric we have used in a room, I love to add a tray or a pillow or a book or a trim here or there to acknowledge it.  Sort of like a dash of light blue, it really works well in so many rooms to add interest or to even give a little bit of dissonance.  

I also love pink in the dining room.  A piece here or there, a napkin, a glass, a salad plate.  Something in pink can really make your table sing.

And, I have found the right shade of pink can really bring my complexion alive, so I never shy away, even though I mostly wear neutrals. Shell pink and white I find to be the peak of chic.

Here are some fun and chic options I found to celebrate this beautiful color!



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