Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The last thing I want for Valentine's Day from my husband is a gift that says "Hey cute friend" or "Hey Buddy!" Those are wonderful sentiments from a life partner, to be sure. But, on V-Day, it's time to step up to the plate and speak as lovers. The gifts should say things like "the smell of you drives me wild" or "you are so sexy" or "you are so beautiful," "I love being with you," "I want to indulge you," or simply, "never forget that I will always love you." 

This curated collection of meaningful Valentine's day gifts are totally lit and will say what you want to say. Perfect idea might be to simply forward this list to your guy??? 

. . . .

A gorgeous slip. Because pink is universally flattering to all skintones and we all look beautiful in a silk slip. Because you are beautiful and this will only enhance your beauty. Word.

A box full of the most irresistibly beautiful and fragrant flowers in the world. And, the packaging is so extraordinary. This one will stop a girl dead in her tracks.

A beautiful silk kimono. Because when you open the kimono, maybe you don't need any other lingerie.

Chanel No. 5. Because Marilyn slept in nothing but it for a reason. And, I think we can all guess what that reason is. This fragrance spells desire.

Perfectly naughty lingerie. Because we all need to have a little fun. The cuffs come with their own delicate hardware. Yea, baby!!!

Love Potion. Because it contains the world's most intensely aphrodisiac oils. To put you in the mood.

JT tix. Bring your sexy back with the one you love.

An engraved ring. Because love conquers all and never fails and never ends. A hand engraved signet by Kim Dunham with a love note engraved inside will be an enduring emblem of your love.

A rose-scented candle. Because Cleopatra, when she seduced Marc Antony, is said to have layered her bedchamber with rose petals an inch thick. Because rose oils and chocolate contain a chemical called phenylethylamine that is also produced by the "brains of people in love and simulates post coital bliss." Yep. And, because this extraordinarily fragrant candle is a lot easier than a one inch layer of rose petals.

Chocolate- or chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. Because of that phenylethylamine. And, because chocolate was the love tonic of Montezuma who drank it before visiting his harem of six hundred women. Because even during the 1800’s, physicians suggested chocolate to boost libido. And these. . ., well, there are no better chocolate or chocolate chip cookies. And, they deliver. And, you can have them as quickly as the next day.

A heart paper weight. Because her desk is a big part of who she is. And, this beautiful paper weight will be a visual daily reminder that you love her.

Dahlia bulbs. Because it is soul affirming to plant and nurture a garden. Because these stunners are hard to come by unless you plant them yourself. Because now is the perfect time to plant them. Because this gift will keep giving from Summer into late Fall. Maybe this handbook will be helpful.

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