Cover Story

One morning, not so long ago, I woke up and realized a new day had dawned. The day had arrived when my beach cover-up was actually more important to me than my bathing suit. And, perhaps, just maybe, it had become one of the more important items in my wardrobe.

Here is where my head is at*: when heading to a pool or the beach, the cover-up is going on and staying on until zero minus five seconds before I hop 1/2 of my body into the pool or ocean ("Mommy never gets her hair wet!!!," oft decry my children) and it will be replaced with equal efficacy on exiting the pool or ocean. Further, it's an "odds on" bet that I am wearing that same cover-up to lunch and maybe also to dinner.

Feel me?

I am kind of done with the drawstring, empire-waist tunic. Looking into my fashion crystal ball, I see its days are numbered.

What feels fresh right now is something different than that same old tunic. I am loving this kind of long flowy off-the-shoulder cover up that Natasha Poly is rocking. Her vibe is a change-up pitch of sorts for me. I had been thinking the cover-up was best played short-ish or maybe more tunic-y and not so much like a fab, lightweight, I-don't-care-it-it-gets-wet-or-wrinkled dress. The trick is finding a dress that can straddle the fence between a dinner or lunch dress whilst also not seeming ridiculous at the pool or beach. And, really, I love a 2-for-1 in my closet or when packing.

So, in the "It's A Dress/Wait, Also A Cover-up" category, I am loving these by Mara Hoffman, Jaline, Rhode Resort, Lisa Marie Fernandez (which is very similar to the one Natasha is rocking), Juliet Dunn, Lem Lem (a departure from their ubiquitous tunic), MDS Stripes, Dodo Bar Or, and also this one by Dodo Bar Or, (also totally feeling this skirt by Minkpink over a bathing suit (maybe like a one-shouldered red one like this???)), J.Crew, Sundress, Lovers + Friends (def calls for a strapless swimsuit), Minkpink, and Diane von Furstenburg. Wait - also, maybe this one from Sundress.

In the "Super Chic in Classic Black" category, this one- (or two-) shouldered one by Eres is my hands down favorite, followed by this one by On The Island by Marios Schwab as a very, very close second (a photo finish for sure). Also, this one by Vix is pretty fab.

Legit: go ahead and grab one now if you need to up your game. I promise, within two weeks, magically every one of these will be sold out in your size.

* I totally get that it is poor grammar to end an independent clause with a preposition.

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