The Curated Home

I am so crazy for Grant Gibson's' new book,The Curated Home. I've spent the past couple of weeks, since the book's release, studying the gorgeous images and (actually!) reading the text!! I am such a picture girl that when I tell you that this one has such helpful insight that I can't stop reading it, you know my story is for real.

Grant's aesthetic has a clean, modern vibe for sure. But, he is able to produce this modern vibe out of almost purely traditional elements. The spaces are gorgeous, edited and peaceful, often playful. And, every detail is perfection.

Working on a bathroom for a client, I first pulled out his book and flipped to the chapter on bathrooms to find out: Where did Grant place the sconces? Where did he put the towel racks? The towel hooks? What sconces did he use? What fixtures? And, then I started reading the text and I felt like I was talking on the phone to Grant and he was gently guiding through everything I need to consider and what I need to know. I just keep going back to the text because it's so well written and so helpful, that I am truly trying to breakdown the alchemy.

The truth is, I find the book to be exactly as I find Grant: authentic, thoughtful, helpful, and unbelievably chic. If you ever met Grant or had the good fortune to call him your friend, as I do, you know that he is one of the kindest souls to ever walk the planet. You know that his attention to detail is laser sharp. You know that he oozes with style and social graces.

I met Grant what seems like a lifetime ago in NEw York City at dinner one night with a mutual friend. I was still practicing law and I had just had my first baby -- so this was forever ago. Our friend told me that Grant was literally taking the design world by storm on the West Coast. Shortly after that, in 2010, Elle Decor named him as a designer to watch. This year, not surprisingly, he was named to Elle Decor's A-List, which is perhaps one of the highest honors a designer can hope to achieve.

Get the book here. You are going to love it!

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