One of My Favorite Places to Eat . . . In NYC

La Goulue

Good news for the ladies (and gentlemen) who lunch.  La Goulue, a Michelin-starred brasserie and Upper East Side institution, has at last reopened it's doors. Seems like a different world now, but it used to be when I went to New York, a trip would not feel complete without lunch at both Swifty's and La Goulue. Then, in 2009, La Goulue closed (in the midst of the financial crisis) and, then, last year, Swifty's unexpectedly closed its doors with two days notice. I've had to search out other locations, like Fred's at Barney's or BG at Bergdorf's, for lunch but nothing has that old school vibe that permeated Swifty's and La Goulue.

When La Goulue closed it's doors in 2009 on loosing it's lease, its owner, Jean Denoyer, smartly put the entire facade and all of the interiors, including the paneling, sconces, banquettes, art nouveau furniture and bar, in storage where they sat until a couple of months ago. Now, he's dusted it all off, installed it four blocks south of the former location (at 61st and Madison), and pulled the whole gang back together. Both the former chef and maitre d' will be resuming their positions. In short, "It will be the same old place as before," Denoyer told Avenue magazine. Sounds like it! I can't wait for my next trip to NYC in November.

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