Benjanan Bulbul Cotton Poplin Dress
Faithful Noemie Sleeveless Dress
eywasouls Malibu Lara Floral Maxi
Zara Shell Trim Dress

On The Frocks

It's that time of year. You know, when it starts getting really hot by midday and you start thinking maybe the organic vegan deodorant is not going to cut it. It's the time of year when I start flipping through my closet looking for fresh frock options so I can totally one-and-done it and hit the road ahead of schedge and go out and seize. the. f'ing. day.

My recipe for success is a fab frock, a chic but comfortable sandal, Spanx Girl Shorts (my jam for a sundress), a pretty bra, and a cool pair of earrings. Below, I've hooked you up with some totally lit options. Also, really, you can carry this bag all summer and never switch it out. My version of perfection.

Benjanan Bulbul Dress | Rebecca de Ravenel Tulips | Zara Strappy Low-Heel Gold Sandals

Faithful's Noemie Sleeveless Dress | J.Crew Bead and Stone Earrings | Carrie Forbes Raffia Slides

Eywasouls Malibu's Lara Cotton Wrap Dress (I'd probably hem to ankle length) | Luv AJ Amalfi Hoops | Jimmy Choo Lela Satin Slides

Zara Linen Dress with Shell Trim (I intend to have the sleeves cut off and wear this with a belt all. summer. long) | Charlotte Chesnais Vermeil and Silver-plate earrings | Chloé Camille Leather Platform Sandals (my jam).



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