Levis In The Lead

I've pretty much moved all my stretchy denim to the bottom of the stack. After scouring the images from the streets of September's Fashion Month, and taking account of both the lead fashionistas and the surrounding crowds, it's pretty clear that the only denim worth wearing these days is a faded pair of Levis. For those of us old enough to remember their first-ish run, back in the '80s and '90s, there is no need to break the needle on your mom's sewing machine this go-round. Levi's, and RE/Done have done the tapering for you. Also, no need to buy them dark and wash the sh*t out of them until they fade. Levi's and RE/Done have taken care of that also.

The only thing you are going to want to do is to (a) get used to the way you look in rigid denim (it's a smidge diff - or, actually, way diff) and (b) take out your best scissors (#legit) and cut off the bottoms about 1" above your ankle bone -- if the ones you buy aren't already hitting at that sweet spot.

Check out the Levis here, here, and here for the best options. Also, check out these and these.

And, if you are totally wanting to lean in on the fash this Fall, grab this or this wool plaid jacket and thank me later.

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