La Double Jam

At this point, there is no way around the fact that my Fashion Jam has indisputably become La Double J. I have a burning passion for their frocks and skirts and tops and how perfectly they rock. . . .

La Double J Fashion Jam, I'd like you to meet my other lover, La Double J Table Jam. 

And, then, my head nearly exploded. 

Mix and match dinner plates, dessert plates, trays, bon bon dishes, chargers, glassware, placemats and napkins, all just so extraordinarily gorgeous it will literally slay you.

Moda's having a trunk show which means there is free shipping and returns, a lay-away like payment, and you actually can return it, which is questionable through La Double J's direct site, which, despite the risks, has an even broader variety of stunning options, and quicker turn-around. (How many which clauses can you use in a sentence?) So, your choice. But, get them while they are hot. Fortune favors the bold!

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