Emilia Wickstead's Knightsbridge flagship store.
Moda Operandi's Belgravia outpost. The deep, dusty pink seems a natural extension of the brand's grey, cream, and peachy hues. Fran's trademark is completely custom pieces. Here, she had bespoke wardrobe screens fitted with M'O's signature ribbons.
A seemingly paired down space reveals layers and layers of detail and cleverness, such as Soane's Venus chair (could there be a more fitting chair for M'O?) in the brand's dusty pink. The rug in the main hall carries the pale pink ribbon theme all the way to the floor.
The white walls are taped out in pale pink ribbons, to coordinate with the bespoke, ribbon-laced wardrobe screens dividing the retail venue's large spaces. The custom display cases comprised of stacked trunks are a nod to the brand's having pioneered the online trunkshow niche. Clever.
The pale pink taping, carried through even to the powder room.
Fran fronts her magnum opus, the butterfly walls of Mayfair's Chess Club in London.
Fran, right, with a few of the 257 of butterfly bookplates adorning the walls of the Club, taken from six copies of Joyaux Ailes, Un Atlas des Plus Belles Papillions du Monde, which were torn out and framed for the room.
The bright oranges, sunshine yellows, crisp blues, and pale greens of the seating and upholstered banquettes give play to the colors that predominate the butterfly wings, while the black, ruched hanging lanterns and table bases give a nod to the curvy butterflies' bodies and the lacy perimeter of their wings.
Color aquas, creams, and greys predominate this residential apartment Hickman designed for an auction house executive. I love how consistently the color carries through the entire apartment, creating an incredibly calm and cohesive feel.
I love when someone is able to take what is a pretty traditional wallpaper or fabric and give it a modern edge. It's magic, really, the ability to do that. Here, Hickman plays a deft hand pairing a floral wall fabric reminiscent of a liberty print with the sleek restraint of cream wool drapery, a grey cashmere coverlet, and a Soane cushion sofa in a tight damask check. Again, carrying the color palette through with precision.
Hickman again tosses in some very trad-ish elements to complete a very sleek and modern look. Here, she uses Peter Fasano's Shangri-la fabric on an upholstered knee wall forming a sleek and otherwise very modern headboard. Then, she attaches a Soane Parrett wall light with rattan shade, super trad-ish, but adds a quartersawn sanded and unfinished wooden pilar as a nightstand. She finishes with cool yet soft and inviting grey cashmere blanket and bedskirt. A symphony.

Inspired by . . .Fran Hickman

British socialite Fran Hickman is taking the design scene by storm. It's been a while since I've Single-White-Femaled someone so hard. I like to think I am a hard sell when it comes to a girl-crush: you literally have to have it all - extraordinary style, good looks, bon chic, bon genre, etc. (So far, membership in this exclusive club is limited to Claiborne Swanson Frank and Jessica de Ruiter). But, I have seriously fallen hard for Fran. Here's how she got me:

First of all, she's a British socialite and can we all agree that alone makes her fab? Tatler named her to their 100 Most Likely To Be Invited List, so she goes to all the best parties and shows up in all the social registers in the coolest understatedly chic ensembles with slightly disheveled hair that let's you know that she's just got it and she's not trying. #savage

Second, she was singled out by Lauren Santo Domingo to design Moda Operandi's Belgravia retail outpost and, really, I think that says it all. If the LSD wants you to design her APT, you can sleep smugly knowing you have "It" in spades.

Finally, it's not just that she has personal style, her interiors are inspired in a modern meets old school refinement kind of way that takes an extremely deft hand. No designer in recent memory has been more adept at taking a handful of completely traditional elements, mixing in a dash of sleek and clean, and producing a completely modern look that is equally grounded in tradition. It's pretty fab. She did a stint at both Colefax and Fowler and Soho House before opening her own firm in 2014. As a designer, could you write better script? No. I don't think you could.

All the shelter AND fashion mags of the world sat up and took notice when she recently completed the renovation and design of Mayfair's chic new Chess Club. Benedict Cumberbach had her design his family's London home. Emilia Wickstead. Escada. Alice Temperly and Smythson. An executive at one of the auction houses. The list goes on and continues. I can't wait to see what she does next.

I think it's pretty clear that Fran is totally extra.

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