Happy Feet

Spring is just around the corner! I can tell because a ton of Spring merch has hit the stores and, also, mentally, I am not here for winter anymore. 

I am not sure when I have been more excited about Spring shoes. I mean, I love shoes, don't get me wrong. But, this Spring. . . this Spring is something different all together. You won't believe the color explosion! There are tons of hot pink, sunshine yellow, and grass green options in mules and sandals!! All colors that make you happy!!!

And, I love the way the online shops have them styled. 100 percent: these shoes are to be worn on a daily basis with jeans and slacks -- especially the cropped variety - and with midi skirts and dresses. Don't go over-thinking these shoes (like that you need something that will match them or a dress that has this color in it). You'll be surprised how much better these shoes roll when you haven't over matched them. I think a slammin' pair of shoes like this allows you to skate with an otherwise paired-down vibe and literally shut. it. down.

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