Giving You The Boot

Right, so the army boot is, without question, the hip new boot on the fashion scene for Fall. And, I get it. You are seeing visions of Courtney Love and her slip dress dolled up in Doc Martins whacked out on coke screaming into her mike fronting Hole. Or maybe it's Margaret Walters, the creepy cat chick/wiccan you went to high school with who wore her combat boots with, like, EVERYTHING. Or, maybe that's just me.

But,  it's time to put the '90s imagery aside. All the cool millenials think this a new shoe (and we can let them think that (because to do otherwise would tip them off to our true age)) that is cool and edgy. In it's second run, I am seeing the army boot as a very comfortable option on days when comfort is key -- walking in big cities? Shopping all day? Big project when you have to be sure footed and on your feet all day? Here's your answer. Also, inclement weather? I think we all know which shoe you're pulling out.

And, I have teased out 4 fabulous ways to style your Docs that are guaranteed to keep you looking totally fly.

And IF, this is a big, big IF, you are sixteen and you have the longest, skinniest legs of any person you know, or have met or have even seen, you have my permission to bust them out with anything you want above the knee. Otherwise, it's jeans and long dresses. Also, this is not a shoe that works with slacks. Word.

Check out options by Stuart Weitzman, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Rag and Bone, Ashe, and Rebecca Minkoff.

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