Favorite Fabric: Schuyler Samperton's Caledonia

I have been working on a navy library for a client and we decided to go with a gorgeous rusty orange strié velvet on two facing sofas. So, natch, I have been living in the space between prints and stripes that lend themselves well to the navy/rust colorway.

That is when I became completely obsessed (read "OBSESSED!!!") with Schuyler Samperton's textiles and, especially, her Caledonia print. The flowers and the birds had me at hello. The Mandarin colorway is just perfection in her library and has my mind ablaze and swirling with Imari dreams! 

The truth is, in any colorway, Caledonia is lit. I have had a stack of the entire Schuyler Samperton collection on my desk for the past two week and I swoon everytime I walk by. Caledonia in Grasshopper is on top and it is a Show. Stopper. Everyone who has had a chance to whiz past my desk in the past two weeks has obsessed over it - stopped dead in their tracks.

And, here's the deep dive: Schuyler, who is amazingly charming and chic and down to earth, is a fabulous designer based in LA. When her following reached fever pitch earlier this year, she launched Schuyler Samperton Textiles. The fabrics are hand-screened in Switzerland on linens from Ireland. Schuyler's own personal collection of textiles, saved over her lifetime, served as the inspiration for her line. And, her mom's Indian-inspired head-scarves. And her dad's pocket squares.

The bottom line: Schuyler Samperton's Caledonia and her whole entire collection is totally tight. Word.

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