Fast Five: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Once a year, a chance to play the proverbial early bird. The sale starts July 20. Now if you have a card. Here, a few choice worms:

Loeffler Randall Luisa Sandals. Literal perfection with everything summer, fall, and winter.

Theory Wool and Cashmere Coat. Do you think I have lost my mind? It's because I have. But, still. This is a great coat at a great price and you are guaranteed that winter will come rolling around again. But, this coat won't.

Clare V. Leather Fold-over Clutch. Because Marigold is bomb for Fall. And for now. And, like, for the forseeable future.

Kenneth Cole Double-face Wool Long Coat. Because it's a camel coat in wool with classic styling. Plus double-face.

Gucci Gunmetal Aviators. Metallic lenses. Polarized. Lit.

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