Christian Tortu bougie parfumé scented candle forets
Christian Tortu Forêts scented candle
supernaturals spray bottle
The countertops cleanser included in the Supernaturals Starter Set.
Tory Sport Performance Satin Down Jacket
Tory Sport Performance Satin Down Jacket
Dixie Designs Holiday Cards - flat, folded, border, insignia, back-printed, liners, gift tags. You name it. All scanned from original hand-painted watercolors by fabulous well-known artists!!
Queen of the World HBO
Queen of the World on HBO

Fast Five - Friday Ed. 10/26

Sometimes, you have ideas . . . but it's not enough for a whole post. Feel me?

Here are five fast nuggets for your weekend vibing:

Christian Tortu Forêts scented candle. This candle finally took down Votivo's Red Current as my favorite fall candle. Forêts is just that good. I never thought it would happen. And, I've hooked you up with an Amazon Prime, baby. You are welcome.

Supernatural Starter Set. Super amazing home cleaning concentrates (one for the bathroom, one for glass, one for wood, and one for countertops) that feed my True Botanicals/Tata Harper desire to swath myself in super effective non-toxics. This one was started by the founder of Poo-Pourri (natch (???)). And, let's be real for a second: those glass spray bottles are pretty awesome. Read the Goop post on the same here.

Tory Sport Performance Satin Down Jacket. It's been cold in the mornings this week. That made me remember that I really need to up my sports attire game and ditch the natty, deflated puffer I have been wearing and washing the past five Fall/Winters. This one is completely fabulous and I am obsessed with navy for workout wear. I just am.

Dixie Designs Holiday Cards. Yep. It's that time. For the past two years, I have trusted Dixie Designs because I found their scans of hand-painted watercolor borders and designs to be intoxicating and a cut above anything else out there on the market. I have been working with them on a custom card this year, but that was before I was aware of all of the new and truly amazing options they have added this year. Check out the tastemakers this year (sneak peak: Amanda Lindroth and Sarah Bartholomew to name two). Make your choice. Get your pic together and mark this one off your list!

The Queen of the World. For your streaming pleasure, if you are a crazy Anglophile, like I am these days. Or, actually, it's on HBO. But catch the trailer and stream if you like, here. You will love!!!

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