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Land of Belle.
The Everlane Puffer.
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Alex Papachristidis Le Jardin Chinois Plates available exclusively through M'oda 'Operandi.

Fast Five 11/09/2018

Gosh . . . this is a good one.

Cinema. Y'all . . . I. Am. Dying. The Favourite. Have you seen the trailer yet??? OMGaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Emma Stone, Rachel Weitz, 18th century fancy dresses, Queen Anne, a basic bitch, a totally extra bitch, and all the drams. Hits the theaters the Friday after Thanksgiving!

Home Shopping Network. Have you checked out Land of Belle yet? It's a fabulous home and table-top website getting all the feels from the press, including featuring the fabulous owner and curator of the shop, Annabelle Moehlmann, on the cover of this month's Veranda magazine (and can I add - Jaw. Dropping.). I went down a rabbit hole and am totally fangirling her. Check out her out on Tory Daily here and grab this month's Veranda. Anyone whose love for Madeline Castaing runs as deep must be a bad ass. Y'all? What's up with the language today?

To Wear. The Everlane puffer is back in stock and after having about 38,000 on the wait list, girl, you better grab it. Why the craze? It's a great look at a great price. 

To Watch. Ladygang. Love it! Don't be a basic bitch. Watch it after KUWTK , Sundays at 10:30 or subscribe to the podcast. You are welcome.

For the table. Alex Papachristidis just dropped a mind-blowingly gorgeous table top collection available exclusively through a trunkshow currently at M'oda Operandi. So good. Not sure whether I love the plates, the silver, or the glassware better. Everything in the collection is to die for. And I love a good trunk show, or what I like to call "lay-away". Word.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

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