Daily Detox

So, the party's over. You guessed it. #cleanse. This will be my 9th Annual Clean Program Cleanse. I am just going to be honest. I did it first because Gwyneth said to. BUT! But, I wouldn't keep doing it if it wasn't awesome. Here's why I love it: I quickly loose the weight and bloating that I inevitably pack on over the holidays (despite the best of intentions), and I can do it without feeling hungry or weak and without it being hyper complicated. (The Goop 7-day Detox just about killed me with all the cooking and meal prep (and cooking is my hobby)). It is simple, easy, reliable. And, after the first week I start sleeping like a baby and I feel invincible. And, I also love that my jeans fit once again. #winning

So, I pulled together a short list of all the things I have come to depend on for the best January cleanse:

  1. The Clean Cleanse itself - comes in a box with everything you need for your two shakes a day, supplements, and a guide to the Clean Diet (it's pretty easy to go out to lunch and keep to it).
  2. Kusmi BB Detox Tea. I fell in love with this tea in Paris. I am always needing a little "detox" in Paris with all of the bread and cheese and wine and day drinking, etc. All of the Kusmi teas are exceptional. But, the BB Detox has come to be my absolute favorite. The flavor is so fragrant and delicate. It has notes of rosehips and grapefruit and is combined with green tea, maté, roobios, and dandelion. So delicious!! (I buy the canister of loose tea plus these great and super easy tea bags).
  3. Mushroom powders. Yep. That's right. Mushroom powders. I put a quarter teaspoon of Astralagus, Reishi, Ashwaganda, and Cordyceps in my BB Detox every morning (even when not cleansing). And here's why. Astralagus is supposed to support longevity, circulation, digestion, and immunity. Reishi is said to lower stress, calm your mind, and help you sleep better. Ashwaganda is said to aid the immune system, sexual vitality, and harmonized mood (make mine a double!). And, Cordyceps is supposed to be a great energy source and maybe help make hard workouts easier. Bet you are wondering if it tastes like crap. It doesn't! It's all very subtle and mild. Also, I have had each of these jars almost a year. You only use a tiny bit everyday so it lasts forever!
  4. Polishing Body Brush. Body brushing before you get in the shower has me at hello. You can see an immediate difference in the texture and resilience in your skin. That it has tremendous health benefits, like flushing the lymph system, is just icing on the cake. This is my favorite brush. I am on my second one.
  5. Infrared Sauna. I can't emphasize this enough. My favorite place here in Birmingham closed and so I have to trek it 30 mins to a nearby town. But, especially on these super chilly days, there is nothing that beats it for warming you without overwhelming you. And, the healing benefits are said to be phenomenal.

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