Claremont + Olasky & Sinsteden = Love

I am on this huge Claremont kick right now. I literally cannot get enough. And, really, the star of the show if you ask me is the Leaf pattern that Olasky and Sinsteden used in the guest bedroom of last year's Kips Bay Showhouse. 

It is clear to me that O&S have major skills because they know how to be-bop and skat around with this very traditional English fabric, keeping it fresh but giving it proper consideration, from the old school duvets, traditional drapery styling, and a black lacquered chinoiserie chest coupled with very abstract and modern art throughout the room. They play down the bold-ish pattern and color of Claremont's Leaf by coupling it with neutrals and small scale patterns and stripes for the drapery, bed frames, and carpeting.

All in all, one of the most successful rooms at the Kips Bay Showhouse in recent memory. I am so in love.

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