Brand to Watch: Aesther Ekme

I am always on the hunt for a good bag at a great price and Aesther Ekme stopped me dead in my tracks! I love the beautiful palette, the clean lines, the rich soft leather, and the totally fabulous pricepoint! The bags range in price from $370-$512. The gorgeous pale salmon pink and the baby blue remind me of Mansur Gavriel (and the price point is so Mansur Gavriel five years ago, before the prices started inching up closer to $1,000). The darker colors will totally take you into this Fall and every Fall for the next 10 years.

Creative director and founder, Stephane Park, designed accessories for Alexander Wang, and established his line in Copenhagen in 2016. The line is wildly successful in Scandanavia and is just now heading across the pond. Aesther Ekme bags are simple and elevated buckets, totes and barrels, using super luxurious calfskin leather. The name "Aesther Ekme"‘ even translates to "classic bags’ from the Crimean Tatar language. 

And, let's be clear, IMHO these bags could 100 percent be mistaken for something that might be The Row.

My favorites are the Mini Triangle Bag in pale salmon and also in deep-green, the Mini Sac in sky-blue, the Mini Barrel Bag in wine and in pale salmon.

Also, don't be afraid of Matches Fashion. It's waaaaaay legit. Free shipping and returns. Everything arrives in literally two days. And, the packaging . . . I can't even. . . . Promise. You will love it!

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