We Are Poolside Ashleigh Bag red bandana
The Ashleigh
We Are Poolside L'acessoire Surf Bag
Le Seau Poolside Bag
Le Seau
Pink We Are Poolside Suprette Woke Up Like This Bag
M'O Exclusive Suprette Tote Comes in Six Colors each with a Differently Embroidered Front
We Are Poolside Blue Le Nord Small
Le Nord
We Are Poolside Monogrammable Nines Tote
Monogrammable The Nines


I am such a fool for a straw bag. You literally can't make it through my mud room without tripping over the 8 to 10 straw bags. To me, there is nothing more chic or timeless for toting and fetching.

I have fallen head over heels over these Poolside bags by Montauk-based Ashleigh Hult. She began embroidering them a couple of years ago with saucy slogans as a fun poolside project and, now, they've reached cult status. The price tag may have something to do with that. They are pretty affordable.

What's even better? Moda Operandi is having a trunk show. Don't freak out. I know "Moda Operandi" and "truck show," when combined can seem intimidating. But, hear me out. M'O has a lot of extremely affordable options, and they tend to get the best stock. The reason I like their trunks shows is primarily because you can pay 1/2 now and 1/2 when it ships. Spreading it out like that makes it easier on the pocketbook. Also, buying via a trunk show ensures you get the bag you want and, also, you don't have to worry about that bag you'll carry all summer long.

This bag party ends, tho, on January 26. Your bag will ship between February 24 and March 24, 2018 -- odds on arrival before Spring Break. So, you better get on it, girl. 

Some of my favorites are The Ashleigh, L'acessoire, Le Seau, Le Nord, the M'O Exclusive (that means probably no one else you know will have it) Suprette Tote, and the monogrammable The Nines.

But, if these Poolside bags aren't doing it for you, check out Couture des Isle's Rose and the Roseball Handbags. They are pretty lit.

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