Baby, It's Cold Outside . . .

OMGGGGGGGG!!! It is soooo cold outside!!! There is no real work to be done on days like these if it doesn't involve a hot cup of tea, my sofa, and a warm blanket. Feel me? I have seriously fallen head first into perfecting the art of laying by the fire these days. 

And, when I have gone to my closet to get dressed for these sitting around kind of days (and also at my various family holidays visits), one thing has become incredibly clear to me: I need to up my loungewear sitch. Like, now.

I've realized that I am no longer in my twenties (hardly) and so I need to stop dressing like sorority night at the sleeping porch. I think a whole industry has grown up around this concept and maybe I am the last to the party.

In any event, I went on the hunt and pulled together some pretty fabulous options.

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